Losing the Trail

It’s a beautiful fall day, the trees are exploding with color, the sun is shining brightly and you’re making time down a mountain trail.  Suddenly you begin to look around you thinking “there’s a lot of growth under my feet, this doesn’t even feel like a trail”.  Now you know you’ve gone and done it again.  You’ve lost the trail!  This happens to me all the time and it costs me time and extra miles but by back tracking slowly I can always find the trail again and get back to enjoying the day and the trail.  But it always throws me off just a little, now I’m a little slower, a little more cautious to keep track of the trail and the end of the run feels like relief rather than total elation.

We do this in life also.  We lose the trail. Thinking we are on our way to our goals in life and BOOM, something happens and we’re off track.  Unlike trail running it isn’t as simple as just back tracking to get back on the trail.  Sometimes we never get back on the trail. Maybe like me, you think you’re going to be this great writer in the genre of a John Updike tilting at windmills of social ills, yet end up being a salesman.  Losing the trail can be painful if we don’t do one thing. This one thing is what separates you from having an ultra life rather than a run around the block life.

This one thing is simply this, make a decision and begin to live it. To live an ultra life you practice this over and over until you do it all the time.  If you know you started on this trail, but you lost your trail, your heart is telling you that you’re supposed to be on it. Make a decision and begin moving toward it.  It may take some back tracking or it may take some total 180 degree turn but first you need to make the decision and run with it.  This is living an ultra life.

Happy trails and come back later for more encouragement from Living an Ultra Life.

Author: MikeHornerUltra

I am a husband, a Jesus follower, a businessman and an ultra marathoner, not necessarily in that order. I believe life is best lived when we live it to the ultra or the fullest.

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  1. Yes sir Mr Mike!! Here you are. Thats great. Looking forward to reading, growing and learning. I’m excited!! Love ya, Roger

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